Revitalizing Indigenous Traditions In America’s Cradle of Colonization: An Interview With Raven Brightwater Custalow

Listen to Raven Brightwater Custalow and Lisa Reagan discuss the ongoing nonprofit work in Virginia to revitalize, reclaim, and decolonize Indigenous traditions in America’s Cradle of Colonization

About the podcast

Raven Brightwater Custalow talks with Lisa Reagan about her nonprofit work and expansive vision for revitalizing Indigenous traditions in collaboration with Virginia’s eleven Native American tribes. Raven shares her inspiration for her work, growing up on one of the oldest reservation in the country, and being surrounded by family members who practiced and taught Indigenous traditions in crafts and drumming. Raven’s work today includes a documentary series of the eleven tribes elders, ongoing presentations and educational programs, and collaborations with many tribal members. She speaks frankly in the interview about her frustration with some of the tribes exclusion of women in their leadership, a colonial remnant necessary for communicating with the patriarchal settlers 400 years ago. Raven talks of her hope of returning to the matriarchal roots of her tribal heritage, and preparing her young children to carry their Indigenous traditions into the future.

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Transcript is forthcoming.

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