Bruce Lipton, PhD, on the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a Biological Imperative

Occupy Wall Street and the Emergence

Bruce answers the question, what is really happening with the Occupy Wallstreet movement an other uprisings around the world?  

Is Occupy Wallstreet, as it spreads around the world, really our biological imperatives waking us up to the fact that we are facing our own extinction if we do not move toward a sustainable culture?

“It is important for us to step out of the world that is crumbling and step into the new world and offer the vision, the tools, and the consciousness that can take us from this unsustainable place we are now, into a future that is just filled with miracles and beauty and harmony of living here on this garden of Eden, this planet Earth, this place that is actually Heaven.  Because this is where we create Heaven, Heaven on Earth.

“Your participation in this evolution is so important.  I would like to encourage you to move forward.  Don’t look behind, because we are moving on to far better things than we can even imagine right now!”  Bruce Lipton, PhD, in the video below.

Bruce Lipton, PhD, Speaks on Occupy Wall Street

Spontaneous Evolution

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