Autism the Musical: A Review

 imageJack Black & Stephen Stills

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On October 4, 2011, The Miracle Project presented a free “Autism is Awesome” benefit concert at The Grove in Los Angeles to bring greater awareness to the miracles and possibilities for children with autism.

Autism the Musical, an HBO Emmy-Award winning documentary, (2008) introduced the world to The Miracle Project’s amazing work with autistic children. The Miracle Project, founded in 2004 by Elaine Hall and Diane Issacs, is a multi-platform socialization program that enables children and teens with autism and other special needs, to express themselves through music, dance, acting, story, and writing.

The night’s concert starred Wyatt Issacs and Lexi Aaron (kids from Autism the Musical) with the Fly Singers, Stephen Stills, Jack Black, Max Burkholder, Scott Siegel, the Agape Choir (Adult and Youth), plus many others.

Fourteen-year-old Max Burkholder, who plays an autistic son on the hit weekly series
Parenthood” (NBC TV), Wyatt and Henry Stills (Stephen Stills son – also in the documentary) helped introduce performers throughout the night.  The concert delivered fabulous performances that stunned and amazed the audience.

Most of the kids and teens performing that night are autistic. Stephen Stills, Jack Black and Wyatt Issacs jammed hard while singing I’m Sensitive, and the Fly Singers brought with them remarkable talent and shear inspiration.

The benefit was recorded and will air on ABC this fall onEveryday Health,” a new series from the producers of “The Biggest Loser”. The Miracle Project is excited to be part of such a significant show, while giving new meaning to the term Autism is Awesomism!!

Special thanks to Elaine Hall, Founder, President and visionary, and Diane Issacs (Wyatt’s mom), Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Miracle Project for all your hard work in creating this profound creative forum for these special kids – well done.

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