The Next Uber-Cool Yummy Mummy Thing

Recently I was invited to submit the Nappy Free! dvd to a GreenLifestyle Film Festival taking place in Hollywood…  Being that it is not often that the contact is made this way (more often the filmmaker is seeking ways to get their film/message ‘out there’), I did…  It was accepted and I was invited to attend…  Many opinions,opportunities, circumstances converged, and tomorrow I go to LA for a week…

It really is hilarious considering the super casual, completely organic and Mama time way in which this project was created; that it is now journeying so far from home!  It’s like a coming of age for the film;  many Mama’s on the east coast of Oz, with young children in the conscious parenting, ecologically aware demographic seem to have seen it, and now it is taking a big step out!

Friends and I have been joking that it only takes one celebrity to take up Nappy Free, Elimination Communication (or Diaper Free as it’s known in the US) and the balance could be tipped!  It could be the next uber cool thing for Yummy Mummies to do with their babies!  So off I go to tread the Green Carpet, share with filmmakers of all kinds of environmental persuasions, and speak to the people of LA about Nappy Free…  Maybe get Angelina & Brad on board! If Youtube is anything to go by, people are increasingly very, very interested!

There are loads of videos, getting zillions of hits, posted by proud parents showing what they and their babies are up to!  Check it out sometime – specially if you are looking for ideas on positions or holds that you and your Babe might use to increase your range of possibilities…  Or if you are considering the practice for a baby yet to arrive, it will demonstrate how simple and easy EC can be.

It really seems like the process of learning about and embracing Elimination Communication (EC) fills families with such awe and wonder at what we humans are capable of.  We marvel at how easy it can be to recognise our babies needs, at clear communication sans words, at how clever our little darlings are and at how little clothing a newborn really needs!  It was this awe and wonder, this feeling of liberation from so many things (including material ‘needs’, like enormous carry-all bags to lug around everywhere we went) and the gifts of awareness that being Nappy Free gave our family, that made me so sold on it that I have been sharing information about it far and wide, made a film about it…  Seven years later, since those early days with my son, I’m still completely passionate about it!  It must be good!

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