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Inspired by his own masculine and fatherhood journey, Darren discovered a passion for working with men and supporting them on their journeys. Once on the path of working with men, his vision and purpose became even clearer: to work exclusively with fathers

Darren specialises in engaging, educating, mentoring and supporting expectant and new dads as they prepare for birth and the role of fatherhood, and is now recognised as a leader in this evolving and emerging field

In early 2013, Darren founded the Becoming Dad Project (proudly a Kindred partner) which aims to positively transform the fatherhood space for expectant and new fathers. Learn more about the Becoming Dad Project here.

Within his own community, Darren regularly facilitates birth preparation workshops for men, fatherhood preparation courses for expectant and new fathers, ‘dads chat’ sessions at hospital-based childbirth education classes, and father-focused discussions within pregnancy support and parenting groups. He also co-facilitates couples workshops that are focused on pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Darren also regularly contributes to online and print publications, presents at birth and midwifery conferences and events, and serves as an adviser on fatherhood research studies as an expectant and new father specialist.

Darren’s practice is family-inclusive; achieving the best outcomes for men, children, women, families and communities is the heart and foundation of the work that he does with and for fathers. He believes that by engaging and supporting men during this transformational passage in their lives, we can also transform masculinity, fatherhood, and relationships, and that these profound ripples can inspire some of the deep, powerful and lasting changes that we want and need to see in the world around us.

Darren is dad to his young son Charlie, who he acknowledges is his greatest source of inspiration. He feels blessed to be raising Cha in such a beautiful part of the world and special community.

Darren is passionate about being an active and engaged dad, and balances his working life (delicately!) with his fatherhood commitments to ‘walk the talk’. He has proudly been a part-time stay-at-home dad for all of Charlie’s little big life.