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CONSCIOUS GIVING – Shaping The Future Through Gifting

Kindred is an alternative media initiative of the American nonprofit, Kindred World. There are a variety of ways to support Kindred’s nonprofit work in addition to donations – although we like those as well!  Your ongoing, monthly donations help us plan for and pay for our dedicated staff of volunteers, while your online shopping and around town dining can also support us once you’ve registered at GoodShop and GoodDining.   To check out our nonprofit standing you can visit both GUIDESTAR or GREAT NONPROFIT’s where we received a Top Great Nonprofit Award every year from 2014-2018.


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Individual Initiative Giving

You can also make donations to the initiative of your choice by visiting The Parent Liberation Project and Alliance (or click here to DONATE), the Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Scholarship Fund or Families for Conscious Living’s Project Seed Fund.


If you prefer to SHOP online and have a portion of your purchases benefit Kindred, you can:

Amazon Smile

Amazon SmileUse Amazon Smile to shop for your own products. Again, make sure you choose Families for Conscious Living as your charity of choice!





GoodShop. GoodDining.  GoodSearch.

By signing up and choosing Families for Conscious Living as your charity of choice, you can raise money for a New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family. With every purchase you make online, Goodshop will donate to our organization up to 20% of what you spend. There’s no cost to you, and you’re free to buy whatever you like. It doesn’t matter what you purchase, but rather what your online dollars can help us achieve.


Download the GOOD SHOP App to your smart phone.


Other Ways To Support And Share The New Story

Signing up for and sharing our e-newsletter.

Following one of the many social media outlets at the top of this page.


Levels of Advanced and Planned Giving

Individual and Family Legacy Givingvalues

FCL is able to accept legacy gifting to its approved 501C3 investment account.  Please feel free to visit our Guidestar nonprofit reports or contact us with questions about family legacy or memorial gifting,


FCL receives grant monies from individual, family and corporate foundations.  Please contact us for a list of recommendations from our investors, donors and supporters,

Matching Corporate Funds

Check with your company to find out if they can match your donation to FCL.  We can help you fill out any paperwork to get FCL registered with your company.  To request our nonprofit letter and assistance, email us at  All of FCL’s nonprofit reports are filed with Guidestar.