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We believe worldviews create worlds. Kindred World, formerly Families for Conscious Living, is a 501C3 national nonprofit whose mission, since 1996, has been to provide education and support to help our human family shift from the Old Story and its industrial, disconnected worldview, to the New Story, and its connected, holistic and sustainable potential. We have championed initiatives that provide resources, education and support to professionals and families exploring the New Story.

Because a New Story requires new language to convey emerging concepts and insights, you will find new language on this website, emerging from the frontiers of science and practical wisdom, that we encourage you to take time to consider, as many of these New Story concepts can be liberating and empowering. Kindred Media is an alternative media and nonprofit educational initiative of Kindred World.  In an act of resistance to our cultural imperatives of speed, distraction, and broken messages, we invite you to take time to immerse yourself in the potential of the New Story represented throughout the 17 years of writing represented here.

Who Do We Serve? Cultural Creatives!

Listen to social scientist, Paul Ray, PhD, talk with Kindred’s editor, Lisa Reagan, about Cultural Creatives in this podcast interview, Same Planet, Different Worlds.

In this interview, Lisa Reagan connects the dots between her insights from 15 years of holistic family wellness advocacy and Ray’s investigation of a growing segment of Western population that is transforming mainstream culture through their ability to synthesize vast amounts of information with an inner vision of wholeness, make counter-culture choices for sustainability and wellness, and ultimately bring forward a missing but critically needed worldview for 21st century living: practical wisdom.

Paul Ray presented his research findings in the book, Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World in 2000, with his wife and co-author, Sherry Anderson, PhD.  In this interview, Ray shares his updated findings from a 2008 study of Cultural Creatives and peeks into his forthcoming book on the missing element of practical wisdom that Cultural Creatives bring to the current, failing industrial culture.

Paul shares why it is vital that they connect with one another and recognize they are participating in a consciousness-raising movement whose impact will not be reported in the mainstream media, but is measurable by any social scientist who cares to look (and whose job is not dependent on him not looking).

“This film is the result of a two year-long project with no financial help whatsoever; therefore, I appreciate all donations, which will support similar film productions and the operation of the Cultural Creatives NetTV in the future. ”

Frigyes Fogel, Producer and Director, About Me, Donations: http://culturalcreatives.cc/support-us/donate

About Kindred Media

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Kindred Magazine was founded in 2002 as byronchild magazine, the first global eco-parenting magazine, by Kelly Wendorf. In 2009, Kelly gifted the magazine to Families for Conscious Living as a nonprofit initiative.

When the magazine shifted to an online format, sharing the New Story through multiple media outlets, it was renamed Kindred Media. Lisa Reagan, an award-winning journalist and nonprofit activist, continues to serve as Kindred’s editor, when she is not working her day job.

Today, Kindred is run on a volunteer and donation basis. We would like to return to a magazine format and appreciate your tax-deductible contributions to make this happen.

If you are interested in contributing to Kindred, send your work to info@kindredmedia.org.

If you are interested in volunteering with Kindred, or any of Kindred World’s initiatives, contact us at info@kindredmedia.org.

Our 10th Anniversary Newsletter

In it’s 21st year of public service and grassroots activism, Families for Conscious Living became Kindred World.  Our Tenth Anniversary Newsletter from 2006 featured our nomination by Delicious Living magazine as one of America’s top six nonprofits “Making a Difference”, the first theatrical production of a new play called Birth, an invitation from the reality show, SWAP, to participate (we demurely declined), our attendance at the first Natural Parenting Expo in Los Angeles, and updates from national community groups – back when we had them – and editorials from members and advisory board authors. In November 2011, FCL celebrated its 15th anniversary at the first ever Mindful Mothering conference at the first-of-its-kind Museum of Motherhood in NYC. To support our projects and outreach programs for another 15 years, contribute your tax-deductible donation today!

Read Our 2011 Annual Report

Kindred World: The Beginning…

What an innocent beginning Families for Conscious Living had in 1996, when mothers and fathers began to gather in parks and homes in Virginia to support each other’s wellness choices. Inspired by their love for their children, FCL families grew strong and confident with the support they found and gave to one another.

An early Families for Conscious Living meeting in Newport News Park, VA, with Lisa Wynkoop, DC, teaching mothers about chiropractic care. Dr. Wynkoop adjusted every mother and child there!

Because these were the early years of the internet, parents gathered in FCL groups with lending libraries of hard-to-find wellness books packed in their car trunks and Xeroxed hand-outs to share for discussions. Organic food drops were arranged through a handful of co-ops, naturopaths were novelties and homeschoolers defied truant officers. Home-birthing families back then, the core of FCL’s founders, were subjected to routine threats by social services for using direct-entry midwives.

In 2005, nearly a decade later, thanks to hundreds of families who would not abandon their right to make informed choices and a handful of legislators who listened, direct-entry midwives were legalized in Virginia. By this time, regular grocers carried organic produce, homeschoolers received Ivy League praise, and naturopaths, homeopaths and chiropractors who work with whole families were easier to find. What changed to allow this shift in awareness that honored informed wellness choice? Someone’s mind. (Read about FCL’s history by social anthropologist and university professor, Crista Craven, in her book, Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement.)

And this is the way it has been up until now. Parent-activists who are consciously shifting their personal way of thinking, or paradigm, to a holistic paradigm, know it is their individual actions and beliefs that can and will create lasting change in our world. This commitment to change begins within ourselves, and is a marathon, not a sprint. The masterful balancing act of going the distance of decades by holding ourselves gently while holding our ground firmly allows us to avoid burn-out and despair. Instead of caving to social pressures to conform to a disease-model culture, together as The Regeneration, we have found the strength and collective wisdom to create a solid foundation of wellness for our children and families and it is our own ability to create community.

Today, fifteen years after those first gatherings in Virginia parks, parents who want to find like-minded families, access trustworthy information and supportive holistic practitioners, need only to turn on their home computers. And yet, even with faster access to one another and information, the same questions are being asked all along the airwaves of emailing and texting and blogging:

How can we, as parents, begin to discuss the many issues of conscious living and informed choice without capitulating to paralyzing fear of cultural backlash that would prevent us from taking wise and peaceful action?

How can we move from fearful victim thinking, for example, blaming “Corporate America” for our disease model culture, and instead begin a true revolution for wellness within ourselves?

How can we train our minds to seek and find the good in ourselves and the world and to bring this story of who we are to the forefront of cultural consciousness?

How can we be The ReGeneration for our children and model for them this way of mindful and conscious living?

These questions are still being answered and a new storyline pioneered on Kindred Community and through FCL’s collaborations with multiple nonprofits, conscious living researchers, scientists, activists and practitioners. FCL’s mission, born of our experience in empowering ourselves, continues to create opportunities for parents to find one another and engage in enlightening discussions and supportive networking to help ourselves “shift” out of our cultural conditioning, or industrial paradigm, and into a wellness-based, holistic paradigm. AFter a decade of helping families start community groups around the country, we have focused our attention on more effective and streamlined models of collaboration. While we no longer sponsor FCL community groups, currently, our Gathering Guide for groups has been distilled into a turn-key outreach program, Pathways Connect, that is available through collaboration with the quarterly, print and digital magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness.

More than ever before, the tools, information and support for conscious living exist for us when we are ready to create the world we want to live in, one day at a time, one choice at a time, and together, as The ReGeneration! Join us in Re-Writing the Story of Who We Are and Celebrating Our Shift to Conscious Choice!

Thanks to the book, Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World, by Paul H. Ray Ph.D., Sherry Ruth Anderson in 2000, four short years after FCL began, we now know that FCL families are Cultural Creatives – and that we are not alone. We just feel invisible in our industrial culture and its reality-defining media machine. As Ray and Anderson state, we “care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, and about self actualization, spirituality and self-expression. Surprisingly, they are both inner-directed and socially concerned, they’re activists, volunteers and contributors to good causes more than other Americans.

“However, because they’ve been so invisible in American life, Cultural Creatives themselves are astonished to find out how many share both their values and their way of life. Once they realize their numbers, their impact on American life promises to be enormous, shaping a new agenda for the twenty-first century. What makes the appearance of the Cultural Creatives especially timely today is that our civilization is in the midst of an epochal change, caught between globalization, accelerating technologies and a deteriorating planetary ecology. A creative minority can have enormous leverage to carry us into a new renaissance instead of a disastrous fall.”

Thanks to many researchers and authors who are pioneering new edge science, we also know that our individual actions and beliefs have a direct effect on our communities and world – and therefore, our smallest efforts, from comforting our children to taking on institutions, make a difference beyond our ability to measure. As Paul Hawken has stated in his book, Blessed Unrest: How The Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming, 2007, our individual choices to consciously create a peaceful, sustainable world are the immune system of the planet at work! Visit some of these amazing nonprofit resources here.

The Wisdom Keepers Project

Kindred World (formerly Families for Conscious Living) created the Wisdom Keepers Project to find creative ways to support of the well-loved and recognized pioneers of the conscious living movement. These Wisdom Keepers have contributed seminal works and shared a lifetime of vision and energy to guide conscientious adults through our parenting and well family building portion of our lives. To support Kindred, please visit our Guidestar page for our nonprofit information and Great Nonprofits for some passionate reviews.

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