Kindred Welcomes Student Scholar Reshma Grewal

Reshma Grewal, UCSB Student and Kindred Scholar

Kindred celebrates and welcomes Reshma Grewal as our first Kindred Scholar.

Reshma Grewal is a Writing and Literature student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and plans to minor in Applied Psychology and English with a specialization in Literature and the Mind. She focuses on realistic fiction and creative nonfiction writing, with common themes of trauma, development and personality. 

“I am overjoyed and grateful to be able to join Kindred. This opportunity will allow me to explore critical parts of human nature and our sociocultural system, through both analytical and creative mediums,” said Grewal.

As a Kindred Scholar, Reshma will be interviewing Kindred thought leaders around how their work connects to a new generation of changemakers and researching Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma. She plans to explore the relationship between mental illness and isolation in the time of the Coronavirus as well as use her creative work to process and share the complexities of our current political climate.

In addition, Reshma is working with Kindred’s Editor, Lisa Regan, and Kindred’s Social Justice Editor, Dave Metler on founding a Kindred Fellowship Program to establish a dynamic and sustained pathway between young changemakers like herself and Kindred. The Kindred Fellowship Program will catalyze Kindred as a launching pad for Kindred’s next generation of changemakers who will be mentored by Kindred’s thought leaders around childhood-centered social justice education and supported in putting their ideas for change into action.

There are two things that Kindred community members share in common – (1) contributing a piece of the wisdom of “The New Story of Childhood”, and (2) wishing they would have come across the collective wisdom of Kindred sooner. With the help of our first Kindred Scholar, Reshma, Kindred is beginning to put its wisdom into action sooner in launching its’ next generation of changemakers.

“I feel joyous to work with Reshma and Lisa to develop a Kindred Fellowship Program which will provide childhood-centered social justice education to maximize the impact of the launch of Kindred’s next generation of changemakers,” said Dave Metler, Kindred’s Social Justice Editor.

You can listen to Grewal participate in Kindred’s Black Men, Breastfeeding and Social Justice Series here.  

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