Examining Childism And The Rights Of Children, A Podcast With Teresa Graham Brett

Teresa Graham Brett, is a contributing editor for Kindred, board member for Kindred World and author of Parenting for Social Change. Teresa and Megan sit down to discuss “childism” or “adultism” — our society’s bias towards children’s unique human rights, and our tendency to manipulate, control and coerce children into fitting into our agendas.

You are invited to join Teresa in the on-demand Parent Liberation Project series here.

We discuss:

-What childism looks like and how it is perpetuated in the language we use and cultural ideas about children

-How (often unfounded) fear can cloud our decision making and actions towards our children

-Why we “set limits” and aim to control our children, and how we can parent in a healthier way

-How the way we treat our children is often very similar to the way we were treated as children, and how we can break habits of coercion, bribery, and punishment.

Visit Teresa at Parenting for Social Change

Read more from Teresa on Kindred’s page at: kindredmedia.org/author/teresa-graham-brett/

Her nonprofit initiative is the Parent Liberation Project at: www.parentliberationproject.org

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