Dave Metler Joins FCL Board Of Directors, Presents “The Wise Parent Study” On Kindred

Caption: At the Parenting for a Peaceful World USA Tour in Yorktown, Virginia, December 2013. Left to right: Elsa Bakkum; Lysa Parker, co-founder of Attachment Parenting International; Lisa Reagan, FCL co-founder and Kindred editor; Robin Grille, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World; Dave Metler, Kindred contributing editor and new FCL board member; Barbara Nicholson, co-founder of Attachment Parenting International.

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Kindred’s parent nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living, is proud to announce Dave Metler, MS, has joined the board of directors.  Metler is a long-time contributing editor to Kindred, where he has taken Kindred readers into the Origins of Attachment with the great apes in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda, presented beautiful essays on mindfulness, and written a Birth Song Video: “For All The Men Who Wish They Could Give Birth”.

Practical Wisdom Parenting ProcessesAs a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Metler is currently pioneering research into the intersection of well-being and social justice, specifically around wisdom of adults in relation to children.  An overview of his Master’s thesis research, The Wise Parenting Study, the first of its kind, is presented here on Kindred, along with an interview with Metler about his findings. (Join The Wise Parent Study Discussion Group on Facebook here.)

“We are very honored and delighted to have Dave join our board of directors,” said Lisa Reagan, FCL co-founder and Kindred’s executive editor.  “His passion for human ecology, emotional intelligence and family wellness are a perfect fit for Kindred.  We look forward to working together for many years to bring to the public the practical wisdom for parents programs now possible with Dave’s research.”

“I feel incredibly lucky to join the kindred spirits on the FCL board in furthering the new story with our commitment to well-being and social justice across the ecology of the child,” said Metler.

Kindred helps parents who are seeking to shift to a holistic wellness paradigm understand the context of their world, as well as insights into what it means to be a Cultural Creative.  Paul Ray, PhD, a social scientist, expands on this understanding of Cultural Creatives in this interview with Kindred, and shares the significance of Cultural Creatives as “bringing into the current culture the missing and needed ‘practical wisdom'” that moves the culture toward a sustainable, holistic worldview.  Metler’s work expands on this practical wisdom aspect by illuminating the processes parents engage in order to parent wisely.

“Wisdom is currently being researched and defined by researchers at UW-Madison as a thoughtful, deliberate and ethical process for problem solving, judgment, and decision making in uncertain and difficult situations,” says Metler in his feature.  “Whereas most of the existing research on practical wisdom has focused on conceptual models of how individuals approach larger existential life challenges, practical wisdom may be particularly useful in a specific domain of life and expertise, such as parenting. The first study of its kind to explore the relevance of a practical wisdom framework within the realm of parenting, The Wise Parenting Study was designed to explore not just what parents think but how they think through their solutions to parenting dilemmas that have no perfect or simple solution.

The Wise Parenting Study involved interviewing mothers who have adolescent children. The mothers were guided to think-aloud as they worked through hypothetical parenting dilemmas and personal parenting dilemmas they had faced recently. The study was designed to elicit how parents would react, define, and solve such problems if they occurred with their adolescent and it made visible that wise parenting involves a constellation of skills, mindsets, and habits that can be practiced.”

Parents and professionals are encouraged to follow Metler’s forthcoming educational programs stemming from The Wise Parent Study by signing up for Kindred’s e-newsletter.  You can also sign up to join the forthcoming Kindred Parent and Professional Resource Center, for teaching materials, community group connections and insights on how to find empowerment and support for your conscious parenting journey.


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