Surrender Is NOT A Dirty Word – Pinky McKay’s TEDx Talk

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“We push ourselves so hard in our work lives and this flows over into our family’s lives. And in my work with young families, I see the effects of this pressure and noise, and how it is getting louder and stronger. Surrender doesn’t apply to just our relationships to our babies, it applies to all of our relationships.” — Pinky McKay, TEDx Talk

Pinky McKay asks, how could it look for us if we stop seeing Œsurrender as a dirty word, as giving up or giving in?

In her work and personally, lactation consultant and author of ŒParenting by Heart, Pinky knows first-hand how the effects of increasing pressure to be busy and in control affect us all. With gentleness and humour she shows us how to surrender and block out the Œnoise so we can be present and strengthen
all of our relationships.

Pinky McKay specialises in gentle parenting styles that honour mothers’ natural instincts. Her ‘get real’ and no-nonsense approach, combined with humour, wit and wisdom, makes her a regular source for large TV networks and various international publications. She is a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and author of four titles, including Parenting by Heart.

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