My Stinky Armpits Changed My Life!

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It’s hard to believe that stinky armpits could change someone’s life, but that’s exactly what happened to me recently. To better understand how something this unusual might have happened, here is some background information.

Being born in 1950 along with the television set had its own set of complexities especially in combination with an unhappy, emotionally distant mother, and a beasty, tyrannical father. I was unable to express anger or even cry without being ridiculed. I was shamed into silence. I was intensely angry and afraid almost all of the time but had to hide my feelings. The television set became my best friend and its characters became my fantasy family. My sense of humor and lively imagination saved me and somehow I managed to maintain a fairly typical mainstream identity. I became a teacher because “it was a good job for a woman”, got married, had my three incredible children, became a Clinical Social Worker and continued on this stable and safe path until one year after my last child was born.

Then, with no advance notice and no actual preparation, I approached being an entrepreneur with gusto. After all of my serious years as a serious Clinical Social Worker, I started business after business as I searched for something that I could enjoy doing and that could help people in some way. I was a Party Clown, Puppeteer, Fiber Artist, DNA Tester, Pet Bakery Owner, Newsletter Writer, Calligrapher, Resume Writer, Karaoke DJ, Tarot Card Reader, Tai Chi Instructor, and even more.

I wracked my brain and continued on this path until I discovered that I had a really stinky armpit problem that no commercial deodorant could crack. Desperate, I started researching deodorants on the internet and was shocked to learn that there are a lot of toxic ingredients in them. Then it happened. I snapped and became a Self-Appointed Toxin Detective. Before my stinky armpits changed my life, I actually had my carefree days of eating whatever I felt like, taking deep breaths in heavy traffic, drinking water straight from the faucet, and using toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, and makeup that I bought in a store, without a care about any possible toxic ingredients, or deleterious effects on my body.

I continued researching every ingredient in everything I was using on my body. I started looking for less toxic alternatives but had trouble finding them no matter where I looked. I finally began making my own deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer, nasal spray, and more. I couldn’t turn back. Each label I read made me feel more and more like an alien in our society. Could companies really produce products that might harm people just to make money? Could the products I trusted and used for so many years possibly make people sick? I became disillusioned and disgusted and could not stop researching. Then I bubbled over into researching questionable ingredients in food, toxins in water, and air pollution. My carefree (toxin-filled) days were over. I was a full-fledged, full-time, Self-Appointed Toxin Detective and I owe it all to my stinky armpits. My inherently painful childhood provided the origins of my passionate need to eliminate toxins from my life in every form and my stinky armpits became the catalyst.

Once I became painfully aware of all of the toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the cosmetics that we slather on our bodies, there was no turning back. (All of these toxins are just too numerous to mention here, but can be found easily with simple internet searches.) I trudge, sometimes wearily down my toxin-free path. The perpetual, nagging voice in my own head assaults the ears of those around me with phrases like, “You’re actually going to eat that?” “Are you sure you want to put that on your skin?”

Being a Self-Appointed Toxin Detective isn’t always pleasant. There is no organized group of Toxin Detectives waiting to welcome you. There is no detective agency to work at. There is no Fan Club congregating to cheer you on. You usually look ridiculous lurking in stores with your cell phone (standing by a window for better reception) and a bunch of products with ingredients that must be researched before purchasing. People don’t appreciate scornful looks at their shopping carts filled with sugary “treats” and other items posing as food. No one wants to be told as they’re lifting their fork with their favorite dessert on it, “Are you sure you want to eat all of that sugar? and those dyes?” No one wants to go out to eat with you anymore.

If you aren’t already a Self-Appointed Toxin Detective, but might be interested in getting started, you can begin by researching any of the ingredients you ingest into your body daily through your mouth and through your skin. You can do this gradually. It certainly is better to reduce even small amounts of toxins whenever possible. Even making small changes will help.

My stinky armpits have changed my life. I invented a toxin-free deodorant and started my next and now flourishing business, Sweet Sweat LLC. My stinky armpits have given me the voice I was always missing. I no longer have to stay silent when things feel wrong to me and I love speaking out now about things I truly believe in. Now I strive in every way I can to encourage as many people as possible to learn more about what they put onto and into their bodies. I’m hoping this will lead to more and more people buying and demanding products without toxic ingredients and that the companies will notice. Every change you make to eliminate toxins from your life brings you closer to becoming a Self-Appointed Toxin Detective. Hurray! Welcome to the Fan Club! I am cheering for you as I continue on my quest to “Save the World Two Armpits at a Time”.

About SWEET! Deodorant – Created by ME!

I was shocked to learn that many deodorant ingredients are actually hazardous chemicals that are invading our bloodstreams through the lymph nodes and breast tissue in our armpits. I learned that even the “natural” deodorants in health food stores contain toxins like propylene glycol, a petroleum derivative found in antifreeze and brake fluid. The seemingly innocent looking “mineral salt” liquid and rock deodorants out there are actually derived from bauxite ore=aluminum!

These toxic ingredients have been linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, brain, liver, and kidney damage and more. To make matters worse, even newborn babies are innocent recipients of these toxins since they have been found in breast milk.

Discovering that most deodorants stink, I was totally disgusted. Desperate and smelling even worse, I decided to invent my own deodorant. What followed were a series of mishaps, but after nine months, I “gave birth” to a vegan, truly toxin-free, gluten-free deodorant that REALLY worked and I called it SWEET!

I was so excited to not stink anymore while not having to worry about slathering toxins on my armpits daily. Armpits can actually smell sweet without an arsenal of toxins!

I began my mission to “Save the World Two Armpits at a Time”. I started my company Sweet Sweat LLC and followed my passion to help people reduce this significantly important source of toxins in their lives.

SWEET! deodorants are available for purchase on the Kindred Community website. A portion of all deodorant sales purchased through the Kindred site on only, will be donated to Kindred Magazine.

Research the ingredients in your deodorant!


Skin Deep Database.  Research all of your health and skin care products for toxins! By the Environmental Working Group.

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