Birth Song Video: “For All The Men Who Wish They Could Give Birth”

Birth Remix (Original)

I’m a man

There’s many things I can do

Like pee standing up

And hit low notes like this too

And wear my facial hair

Take off my shirt when it gets hot

But what is really unfair

Is what I don’t got

The Chance to Give Birth

I want to Give Birth


Cause I’ll never feel inside

The kicks of a new life

And I’ll never feel the strife

That makes the miracle so…

Beautiful you get the first nine months

To snuggle closer than I can

I’ll always be playing catch up

it sucks to be a man

Cause I can’t give birth

I want to give birth


I wish we could switch places

Just for those nine months

It would be more painful than braces

Or stomach pain after a bad lunch

But if I could

I’d take your spot,

I’d be so thankful,

I’d cry a lot

I’d have morning sickness

Night sickness too

I’d be so sick with joy

I wouldn’t know what to do

But I can’t switch places with you, I’ll hold your hand the whole way

Through, Living vicariously through you

And then I’m gonna take paternity leave for the rest of my life


Cause I am a retired magician

Pulled enough rabbits out of hats

While tweedling my moustache

Charging that admission, with a stoic disposition

A magician with a suspicion that real magic is

Birth, what on earth

Cells teaming up to form a new heart

Meiosis and mitosis, the eyes and the lungs start

And pretty soon they will be asleep on your shoulders

As you hold em and feel they will never get older

The weight of the world is on your shoulders

On your shoulders, walk with care


Cause I can’t give birth

I want to give birth



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