Teresa Graham Brett, JD, Welcomed as New Board of Directors Member

Listen to this month’s Kindred Fireside Chat with Lisa Reagan and Teresa Graham Brett sharing insights and practical tools for parents that will be featured in the upcoming webinars:

Teresa Graham Brett, JD, Welcomed as New Board of Directors Member



March 17, 2013 – Teresa Graham Brett, JD, joined Kindred’s parent nonrprofit, Families for Conscious Living’s nonprofit board of directors this month. Brett and her unique work tracing the intersection and roots of social justice and childhood perceptions in her book, Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World, will kick off a new series of online retreats and webinars on Kindred this month.

“Families for Conscious Living is honored to welcome Teresa to our board of directors. Her professional background and unique work has produced a progressive and practical guide and workshop that we believe will become a staple in the tool kit of conscious parenting. We look forward to working with Teresa to bring her insights and tools to Kindred’s readers,” said Lisa Reagan, Kindred’s editor and FCL co-founder.

Brett is a writer, facilitator, coach, and consultant who lives her passion for creating social change by combining her work in social justice education with parenting. As a professional, she has spent over 20 years working in and with universities and colleges as an educator, leader, administrator and consultant committed to advancing social change and social justice. Her own life was transformed after becoming a mom to two boys, who challenge her to live the values of liberation, freedom and respect as a parent everyday.

As a result of this personal journey she founded the website, Parenting for Social Change, and authored the book Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World. Teresa continues to work as a consultant to universities and more importantly works with parents, who like her, want to let go of control and domination as a parenting model and create relationships with children based on trust and respect.

Parenting for Social Change is a powerful parenting book that is not about children, but about the harmful cultural messages adults perpetuate in their relationships with children. In this compelling call for change, Brett addresses the work parents must do to free themselves, the children who share their lives, and the world from these harmful messages. Using current research, she debunks the myth that controlling children is necessary to ensure that they grow into healthy and responsible adults. She also shares her own parenting journey away from controlling and dominating children and provides strategies for letting go of harmful control. Through her experiences as a social justice educator, she demonstrates how changing our parent-child relationships plays a critical role in creating social change.

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