National Billboard Campaign for Vaccine Education Launched


During March and April 2013, the non-profit National Vaccine Information Center ( is conducting an educational billboard campaign in Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Texas to encourage well informed vaccine decision-making. The NVIC billboard features a photo of a mother and child and asks “Vaccination? Know the risks and failures” followed by the website address.

The multi-state billboard campaign will reach cross-generational and diverse audiences through priority placement of free standing commercial billboards in Chicago, IL; Phoenix and Tucson, AZ; Portland, OR; Olympia, WA and Austin, TX. NVIC’s billboard will be viewed by more than 10 million people traveling on major highways, bridges and near malls or other key locations in those metropolitan cities, such as the Phoenix Diamondbacks Stadium and the State Capitol building in Austin.

“Vaccines carry risks that can be greater for some individuals and vaccination does not guarantee you won’t get the disease. This is true for pertussis, influenza and mumps vaccines, for example,” said NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher. “It is critical that everyone becomes better educated about how to recognize the symptoms of complications for both infectious diseases and vaccines.”

NVIC has placed a similar ad in the April issue of Midwest Health and Wellness Magazine, which annually reaches an audience of four million consumers in Midwest spas, salons, doctors’ offices and health food stores.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a 501C3 charity founded in 1982 and dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. NVIC advocates for informed consent protections in medical policies and public health laws, including vaccine laws. is the oldest and largest consumer-operated website on the Internet providing information on diseases and vaccines.

For more information about vaccine risks and failures and how to make an educated vaccination decision, go to To access the online NVIC Advocacy Portal, which provides information about legislation affecting state vaccine laws, go to

Read why it is important to know the risks and failures of vaccines here.


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Center for Personal RightsWe focus on individual vaccination choice, parental consent to vaccination for children, and freedom to make healthcare decisions for ourselves and our families.  Established civil rights organizations have not adequately addressed these critical issues in an era of ever increasing vaccination mandates and frequently-declared public health emergencies.  While we recognize many other personal rights issues, including reproductive rights and marriage rights, we do not take positions on them at this time.  There are many established civil rights organizations addressing these questions across wide spectrums of opinion. We seek to promote individual and parental autonomy for vaccination and healthcare decisions and thus to fill a void that we see in existing civil rights advocacy.

Coalition for Vaccine Safety. The Coalition for Vaccine Safety (CVS) is an alliance of organizations dedicated to advancing vaccine safety. The Coalition seeks to draw attention to, and to close serious gaps in existing vaccine safety science. The Coalition supports rigorous scientific inquiry free from conflicts of interest and political influence, and oversight that is both independent and accountable.

Moms Against Mercury. Moms Against Mercury is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. MAM is dedicated to raising awareness while  educating the public of the dangerous use of Thimerosal, a mercury based preservative, used in vaccines and the flu shot.  Founder Amy Carson is the driving force behind Moms Against Mercury.  Her passion for eliminating mercury and thimerosal in vaccinations stemmed from personal experience.

My Kids My ChoiceThis site is dedicated to helping parents legally and effectively refuse vaccines for their children.

National Vaccine Information Center. The NVIC is a national charitable, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. NVIC launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980′s and is the oldest and largest consumer led organization advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system.  This website was created to provide you with the information you need to make an informed vaccination decision.

Safeminds. The Coalition for SafeMinds was founded to raise awareness, support research, change policy and focus national attention on the growing evidence of a link between mercury and neurological disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, language delay and learning difficulties. Our mission is to restore health and protect future generations by eradicating the devastation of autism and associated health disorders induced by mercury and other man made toxicants.

The Refusers. The Refusers embody the great American tradition of protest music in that their sound and lyrics aggressively spread the message of the “refusers” as a body of people standing united against government and social mandates regarding vaccination and the often inherent violation of basic human rights. The refusers movement is a swiftly growing sociopolitical movement for which this music provides an engaging and often thought provoking soundtrack.

The Vaccine Ingredient Calculator.  Comprehensive comparison of vaccines.
Different brands of vaccines have significant differences in their ingredients.  Prior to creating a Vaccination Plan, consider comparing the ingredients in various brands.  Plan for safety.

Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute. The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute was established in 1996 to provide parents and other concerned people with educational resources enabling them to make more informed vaccine decisions.Thinktwice encourages an uncensored exchange of vaccine information, and supports every family’s right to accept or reject vaccines.

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