Blossom Time! Letter from the Editor, March 2013

Dear Kindred Readers and Supporters,

Spring is about welcoming new energies and at Kindred, we are blooming!  This season finds us launching a webinar series, an international readership survey and welcoming new faces to our family.

But first! Have you checked out the new website, designed specifically for you and your needs to stay informed, be inspired and take action?

As a nonprofit with 15 years of empowering Cultural Creative families to make conscious living choices, it is literally our mission to bring to you the best resources, insights and research studies to support you and your family

There are so many ways to get the most out of your experience on Kindred, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1.KEEPING YOU INFORMED.  Let’s face it, conscious living means taking time to be informed!  Our e-newsletter will keep you up to date on breaking news, research studies, videos, book and film reviews, the most inspirational blogs and features and alert you to new resources or take action alerts.  Keep up with us through Twitter, Facebook or our RSS feed.  Please also share our e-newsletters with your friends!

2.LIVE EVENTS.  Our e-newsletter will also alert you to Kindred’s upcoming webinar series where you can interact with Kindred’s authors and activists in short, free webinars or paid, 30 day online retreats.

3. FIRESIDE CHAT SERIES.  Our e-newsletter will send you links to our free downloads for Kindred’s Fireside Chat series with the most dynamic and fascinating conscious living authors and activists of our time.

4. FORUMS.  Find like-minded members of the Kindred Community in our new forums.  Don’t be shy!  Get in there and help us break them in!

5. CONTACT US.  We are here to serve you and your family.  Please contact us at anytime with your feedback about how we are doing or what we could do better.  At 15 years old, we are just getting started!

Our new website is Phase One of a three-part educational project launch that includes the savviest webinar software and marketing insights available.  And that brings us to our new faces…

Our first welcome goes to our new marketing consultant, Evelyn Grewal, who brings 25 years of expertise to serving Kindred’s international readership through a new webinar series launching next month.  Evelyn’s marketing plan for Kindred’s future carries a long-range vision of continued and incremental expansion.  The number of writers and activists waiting in the wings to connect with you through this program is dynamic and comprehensive.  Stay tuned to see what’s sprouting next!

Our next welcome goes out to our newest board of directors member, Teresa Graham Brett, author of Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World.  Teresa brings a lifetime of professional teaching and activism at the university level to Kindred’s nonprofit mission.  She is working with Evelyn to bring to you our webinar series beginning next month.  You can listen to my first Fireside Chat podcast with Teresa here.  Welcome Teresa! (Read press release.)

Kindred also welcomes Cyrene Schweitzer, a College of William and Mary intern with an international background who will be knocking on your email inboxes and gathering your conscious parenting stories.  You will enjoy reading Cyrene’s personal story of coming to American as a ten year-old and her immediate impressions of the differences in connection in families from her native culture in Mexico.  (Read press release.)

We are blossoming here at Kindred this spring, and grateful to bring our bountiful garden to your inbox.  Please spread the word and help us to keep growing!

As always, please support our nonprofit work with you tax-deductible donation through our secure server here.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2013.  Let us know how we’re doing and how we can better serve your conscious living needs.


Lisa Reagan

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