First Do No Harm Music Video!

Watch the First Do No Harm Music Video by The Refusers! imageWatch the First Do No Harm Music Video by The Refusers!


Read Belkin’s article Popping the Vaccine Bubble on Kindred here.

Visit The Refusers here.

Meet The Band!

The Band “This ain’t no corporate weasel-rock! This music is ABOUT something. It will AFFECT you. Roll up your sleeves: Here comes Innoc-you-rock!”

Classic protest songs tinged with humor. Infectious grooves and poignant lyrics in the tradition of the civil rights and anti-war movements. If our message is effective — we’ll get banned in Boston! We are probably the only G-rated band in America that government censors want banned from the airwaves — because our lyrics defy their propaganda.

The Refusers Are…

Sebastian Belkin: 10 year old funk-rock drummer extraordinaire. Raised on the grooves of the Brecker Brothers, Robben Ford, Tower of Power, and James Brown—Musicians who can PLAY!

Michael Belkin: Songwriter, singer, guitarist. He fronted original rock band in NYC (The Crowd) and appeared at CBGBs. Credits run the gamut from LA session/club player, opening concert tour acts (Fillmore, etc), cowpunk icon bands, sideman with Nashville star Steve Wariner. Genres: Rock, Funk, Blues, Rockabilly, Punk, Alt-Country. Instruments: Lead, slide and rhythm guitars, pedal steel guitar, 5 string bass guitar, vocals. Translates pharmaceutical weasel-speak into song lyrics with a cynical attitude. You got a problem with that?

Steve Newton: Funk/slap bassist and vocal star with a music degree from Miami University. When he’s not directing music at stage productions, he funks it up with the Refusers. He missed his calling as a stand-up comic and derailed the Refuser recording sessions, in which he had the musicians and studio engineer cracking up and rolling on the floor. Stars in the Refusers video as Dr. Strangelove and the Mad Hatter.

Joey Walbaum: Keyboardist with the goods to groove. We managed to channel his jazz/funk wizardry into Refusers Innoc-you-rock. Joey’s intuitive Hammond organ and piano riffs bind our tunes together. He makes our sum bigger than his parts.

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