A Call of the Wild – Feel the Trees: A back-to-nature activity

See ‘A Call of the Wild’.

Trees are incredible but it’s so easy to take them for granted. Without them, life would be very different — there would be no chocolate for a start! We pass trees every day but how often do we really take a close look at them? Close your eyes and picture a tree. I’ll bet you forgot at least half of it — the roots.

This simple activity helps draws on our sense of touch to give us a new way of experiencing and connecting with trees. It also helps builds great trust in the person you are doing it with.

Find a flat area that has lots of trees. A park or garden with lots of different trees is a great place. A path in a forest also works well.

Blindfold your partner, and take them by the elbow, leading them with great care to a tree. Make sure you guide them and let them know of any obstacles. To make it interesting turn then around slowly a few times so they are a little disorientated (but not dizzy). To make it more difficult your path does not have to be straight to the tree.

At the chosen tree, take your partner’s hand and place it on the trunk, and let them get to know ‘their’ tree. Give them two minutes to feel, smell and hug the tree. After their time is up, lead them back to the original spot. Take them on a windy way back with a few turns so they are again disorientated.

Remove the blindfold, and let them go and find their tree.

Change roles and repeat.

After both have had a go, sit amongst the trees, and share your thoughts about the experience. What was it like to be blindfolded? What was it like to be led around? What was it like to lead someone around? Did you find something out about the tree that you wouldn’t have with your eyes open? How did you feel about your tree? How did you feel when you found your tree?


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