Our Child, not Mine

Life’s imperative of transforming from ‘I’ to ‘we’
A keynote presentation with Kali Wendorf
Editor / publisher, Kindred magazine

Children are the canaries in the societal coalmine and they are showing symptoms of a world spinning out of control. In these days of peak oil, climate change, an endless war on terror and endangered democracy – turning our collective attention to the children is one of the most sustainable acts we can do. What is good for the children is also good for mankind and the planet. What is required to raise a generation that is just, empathetic and peaceful? The key, says Kali, is in a shift in consciousness, from I to We.

Drawing on her years of experience as the editor of Australia’s only major sustainable family life magazine, Kali reveals the plight of today’s young people and children and the impacts that a globalised market-driven culture have had on them and their families. We may be able to save a forest today, she says, but if we don’t turn our collective attention and energies towards changing things for the children, that same forest could be cut down tomorrow.

This emotionally compelling and enlightening presentation will inspire participants towards greater social awareness and the potential of their own personal contribution towards a better world.


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