About Kelly Wendorf, Kindred Magazine’s Publishing Editor

Kali Wendorf is a writer, public speaker and social ecologist. She is the founding editor / publisher of Kindred (formerly byronchild), the world’s first and only sustainable living magazine for parents and caregivers. 

Prior to her time at Kindred, Kali spent many years in the self-awareness movement, working with various teachers in India, Europe and the U.S.  During this time she facilitated workshops and retreats world-wide in the public sphere.

Kali is inspired by the practical application of spiritual awakening to social change, sustainable business practices and innovations in community learning.  She has been a passionate environmentalist, human rights and animal rights activist since childhood. 

Born and raised in New Mexico, USA, Kali earned her university degree  in the US and abroad. After working in the corporate sector for many years, she moved back to New Mexico to open a riding school, using the horse as a vehicle for body awareness and inner transformation. Her work with children and adults through horses was renowned for its innovative approach to children’s emotional wellbeing.

Kali was provoked to create Kindred after becoming a parent herself and realising that corporate-driven media was making a mockery (and a profit) out of the profound and important task of raising a healthy happy child, and that such treatment of parenting could have frighteningly negative consequences on society as a whole. Vital information and research was being manipulated to serve economic interest, which was in turn influencing public policy and culture. In an attempt to reverse that trend, Kindred was made, and continues to be a front line vehicle for the sustainability and conscious living movement.

As well as publishing Kindred, Kali speaks about these issues to audiences worldwide. She has shared platforms with Joseph Chilton Pearce, Suzanne Arms, Helena Norberg Hodge, Dr. Clive Hamilton, Robin Grille, Anne Manne, Dr. Sarah Buckley, and Satish Kumar.

She currently lives in Australia, Northern New South Wales with her husband, (Alok – who works along side her to create Kindred) two children, a dog, five chickens and two horses.

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